Challenge – Rebrand

Challenge had a challenge – it’s two core audiences could not be more different. Older female viewers watch the retro gameshows during daytime, whilst a young male crowd tune in for the wrestling in the evenings. In contemplating a brand identity which would engage both groups we discovered the one thing they had in common – their sense of humour. They responded well to anything playful and frankly a bit cheeky. So with that in mind and the channel’s position as the ‘home of entertaining contest’ we set our stage in a viewers living room and gave the remote control to the Challengers – a dysfunctional family of characters, each of whom represented viewing habits of sections of our audience. They get up to all kinds of mischief in our newly created OSP including a suite of channel idents, bumpers, ipps, menus and promo endboards.

Design and animation: Creative Nuts
Creatives: Chris Jones, Rosie Reagon, Matt Legg, Zehra Faik.